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Hyperion imagery

One of the hyperspectral imagery that available in public domain is EO-1 Hyperion. The spatial resolution is 30m -same as Landsat- which is. Rapid advancement in remote sensing open new avenues to explore the hyperspectral Hyperion imagery pre-processing techniques, analysis. “Hyperion is probably the future of remote sensing,” says Cramer. Hyperion is a (NASA images by Robert Simmon, using Hyperion data.).

bands selected for optimal correction of high spatial resolution images. Hyperion. 12 months from order to delivery. Hyperion Hyperspectral Imager. HYPERION IMAGES AND THEIR UTILITY. The Hyperion instrument is a unique feature of the EO-1 mission. Hyperion is an experimental hyperspectral imager. All EO-1; ALI and Hyperion historical data will continue to be available through The EO-1 images not already in the archive will need to be requested by the.

PDF | The hyperspectral analysis was performed with a Hyperion image, which was captured in over the Greek area from the lake Kerkini. currently the most commonly used method for destriping Hyperion imagery. However remove the striping artefacts from Hyperion imagery. The technique is .