Pothead test

pothead test

Tried to conceal the smell of weed while smoking at home or in a dorm room. Been caught smoking by a parent or authority figure. You work in. Hi! And welcome to my ARE YOU A POTHEAD Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. TODO: REWRITE THIS. Next →. Are You A Stoner Quiz - Take the test high for high scores. Ultimate Bible Quiz Do You Have a Place in This Word? Did you fall in love? Do you know your astrological sign? Share On facebook Share On facebook Share Your Results. Used a gravity bong. Smoked with a Volcano. Im the one that bought the weed.

Pothead test Video

INTERVIEWING THE BIGGEST POTHEADS Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. You can roll your own blunt. More than once a day? Are you stoned while taking this test. New online cannabis marketplace just for Southern California. This test will tell you if you are actually a pot head, or if your not, it is meant for people who have done pot at least 3 times. Been to Colorado or the West Coast just to smoke weed. Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. Do you get excited just knowing you are about to blaze it? Im the one that bought the weed. On a daily basis or groningen in holland possible? Secret to taking quality photos is this camera. You can roll your own blunt. pothead test Are You A Stoner? Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. Smoked every day for a month. Political Spectrum Quiz What's Your Best Quality? More Great Quizzes Guess the TV Show Theme Song What Be Your Nerd Type? Create Your Own Weed Memes! Got stoned and talked about politics. Used a gravity bong. Develop your own quiz! Been to a dispensary or legal weed store. Do you smoke Marlboro Reds?

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