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Massey de esser

“Nicely designed,” the Massey De:Esser “sounds great and has revolutionary features,” while being “a deeper plug-in than you might expect from a de-esser.”. Massey Plugins Inc. creates versatile, affordable and elegant plugins that have earned De:Esser sibilance sniper · DRT drum replacer · TD5 tape delay · CT5. There aren't a lot of de-essers out there, probably because they're not very sexy and not at the top of many people's wishlists. But a good de-esser is invaluable.

The best de-esser by far that I use is the Massey De:esser. For very extreme cases, I'll use the Waves Ren De-esser and follow it up with the. Software de-esser Massey Plugins De-Esser: 1 video. After downloading the great demo of the Massey De-Esser from their website, installation was a breeze and I was able to use the plug-in in Pro Tools within.

Compared to Massey's best known, ultra-simple, dual-knobbed Tape Head, the De:Esser is the Space Shuttle; it is about launching sounds into. Jon at Audio Geek Zine gave me the tip the moment I managed to roll out of bed and turned on the computer that Massey has now released his. The De‑Esser Collection includes an emulation of the RackPack Dual‑Band whereas the Massey De:Esser covers a lot of ground at a lower price point.